face-to-many 制作3D头像 游戏、玩具、像素艺术

Turn any face into 3D, pixel art, video game, claymation or toy.
Run this model on Replicate:
Or run it in ComfyUI:
You’ll need these custom nodes:
ComfyUI Controlnet Aux
ComfyUI InstantID
ComfyUI IPAdapter Plus
ComfyUI Essentials
Efficiency Nodes ComfyUI
The 3D, video game, pixel art, claymation and toy loras are all made by artificialguybr. If you like them you can make a donation to their Patreon or Ko-fi:
Or follow him on Twitter:

Developing locally
Clone this repository:
git clone –recurse-submodules https://github.com/fofr/cog-face-to-many.git
Run the following script to install all the custom nodes:
Running the Web UI from your Cog container
GPU Machine: Start the Cog container and expose port 8188:
sudo cog run -p 8188 bash
Running this command starts up the Cog container and let’s you access it
Inside Cog Container: Now that we have access to the Cog container, we start the server, binding to all network interfaces:
cd ComfyUI/
python main.py –listen
Local Machine: Access the server using the GPU machine’s IP and the exposed port (8188): http://:8188
When you goto http://:8188 you’ll see the classic ComfyUI web form!